Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

House Rules

1. General • The Cocoon Space (TCS) is a place designed to encourage creativity and idea exchanges. It has equipment, tools and resources to allow users to create and produce products/ solutions, to conduct business meetings, to host seminar, events, showcase, exhibitions and workshops

• The Cocoon Space includes all space in #02-01 and #03-01. It does not include any outdoor areas of these units.

• To ensure the comfort for all, authorised users and their guests are to keep the space clean and tidy and shall use all equipment, resource with care. Users of the space shall be respectful and considerate to other users and guests. Keep the noise down, watch the language used and do not bring anything unlawful into TCS.

• Management of TCS reserves the right to deny users and/or guests the use of the facilities should they find that the users are disruptive or non-complying to the house rules.

2. Opening hours • The opening hours to TCS is from 9am to 6pm daily, and close during public holidays.

• If access to the space is needed beyond the official operating hours, please inform customer service officers at Reception and additional charges will apply.

  1. Access • Depending on the user license, users are provided with different access methods.

• For the safety of the users and guests, access should not be shared without the approval by TCS Management.

• Any access card issued is non-transferable.

  1. CCTV • There are closed circuit television cameras installed in The Cocoon Space (TCS) for safety and security. The content will not be used for marketing materials.
  1. WIFI • Access to WIFI is available to authorised users. Guests will be issued a guest WIFI where passwords will be changed periodically.

  2. Event Space / Facilities • Usage of Facilities o Users are encouraged to book the necessary facilities to guarantee the availability of usage.

o Rooms and facilities will be allocated to the user who had booked the space formally. And booking shall be based on first come first serve basis.

o A fee shall be levied for all booking and payment shall be made prior to the usage of the space.

o Licensees may use designated common facilities so long as the required facility has not been booked by others and at the entire discretion of Singapore Fashion Council.The Licensee must vacate any such facility before the time booked by others.

Booking o Please approach the Receptionist or email thecocoonspace@taff.org.sg with requests at least 3 days if a space is booked for an event to facilitate logistical planning.

o Payment shall be made prior to usage of the space. o Users may book the necessary facilities and space via the booking portal o https://thecocoonspace.spaces.nexudus.com/en. o If help is needed, please approach the receptionist or email thecocoonspace@taff.org.sg

  1. Makers Studio • Users who book Makers Studio may be subject to a “Driving Test” to ensure that the users have the knowledge and skill to handle the machines so as to reduce risk of injury.

• The users need to secure the necessary permit through a “Driving Test” conducted by Singapore Fashion Council accordingly.

• The Fee for the test is $10 (Singapore Fashion Council members and authorised users of TCS) and $20 (for non-Singapore Fashion Council members)

• Singapore Fashion Council , TCS excludes any liability for injury suffered by any use of any of the machines in the makers studio.

  1. Furnitures/Tools/Appliances/Assets of TCS • Users and/or their guest(s) must not break, damage, deface,alter or abuse the property of TCS. Users and/or guest(s)s shall pay TCS the cost of making good the damage, including TCS’s administrative time calculated at $ 40 per hour. The management shall assess the amount of such cost, otherwise, the users and / or guest(s) shall make good the damage to the satisfaction of TCS management.

• Users of all facilities are to handle all TCS’s property with care.

• All assets in the facilities shall not be moved, rearranged, removed or altered without prior approval from the management of TCS.

• Unless approved by management of TCS, users are not allowed to bring in extra furniture, equipment, assets.

  1. Clean Environment • Users shall clean up the space, keep the equipment that they use etc and shall return the space/equipment/material to its original state when handed to user.

  2. Personal Belongings • TCS shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any personal article or property brought into the TCS by the users or their guest.

• Prior to the termination or expiration of contract, users must remove all their property from lockers, drawers etc. The management will be entitled to dispose of any property remaining in the premise after 7 days. Users shall waive any claims or demands regarding such items. Users will be responsible for paying any fees reasonably incurred by management for such removal/disposal

• The sidewalks, halls, passages, exits, entrances, and stairways shall not be obstructed by any items, materials, etc., of the users.

  1. Layout • Users are not allowed to change the layout and/or move the furniture/equipment/resource in any space of TCS.

  2. Signage • No sign, placard, picture, advertisement, name, logo or notice shall be inscribed, displayed, or printed, or affixed on or to any part of TCS without the written consent of TCS.

• Management shall have the right to remove any equipment without notice to the respective users and any cost incurred for such removal shall be borne by the expense of the user.

  1. Pantry • Items in the panty e.g. utensils, coffee and tea are complimentary for users and guests of TCS. Please do not bring items out of the premise.

• After usage of utensils and crockeries, they should be carefully washed by the Licensee with soap and water provided at the pantry and stored.

  1. Fridge • Storage of personal food stuff should be properly labelled with name and date. Items will be disposed after 3 days if not removed from the fridge and items will be cleared daily for those that are not labelled. Food must not have strong smell.

• TCS reserves the right to request users or their guest to remove food or food items without giving any reason.

  1. Food and Beverages • Proper disposal of unconsumed F&B items and food containers/packaging is required in the bins provided.

• If food catering is needed for events, a fee for cleaning $40 will be levied per event space to ensure that the space is properly cleaned.

• The consumption of alcohol is not permitted other than if consumed at any event held with the premises and with the prior written permission of TAFF.

  1. Guests • Guests must register at the reception and shall always be accompanied by the respective user/host.

  2. Pets • Animals or pets are not allowed in the premises.

  3. Emergency Exit • Users and their Guests are encouraged to familiarise themselves with all exits of TCS and must comply with all fire safety instructions.

• In case of emergency, users are to remain calm and evacuate the premise in an orderly manner and proceed to street level.

  1. Mail collection • For users who have subscribed to mail service, you will be given 5 days to collect your mail at the reception, from date of receipt. The management of TCS will not be held responsible for the loss, damage or non-receipt of items/mail nor the business impact of such (non) delivery. Only authorized user of the space shall collect the mail/items unless proper authorization is provided for another person to collect on their behalf.

  2. Electricity • For users that need air condition beyond office hours (6pm onwards) will have to pay per hour ($30 for level 2 and $10 for level 3).

  3. Stationery • Stationery such as markers will ONLY be provided to users who had booked the space. The users will be issued with the stationeries at the Reception and used stationeries should be returned to the reception when the booking has ended.

  4. White Board • Users of facilities with whiteboards should always erase all writings/drawings made to the board, so that it is ready for use by the next group of users.

• All boards will be cleaned at the end of the day.

  1. Insurance • Singapore Fashion Council or TCS will not be responsible for any damage(s) to or loss of personal assets of the users’, their guests, agents etc at TCS. Users shall inform all their staff, agents and participants to keep their personal belongings with them always.

• Users shall procure their own respective insurance to cover its assets accordingly.

• Singapore Fashion Council or TCS shall not be liable for any injury to person or damage to property, howsoever caused, of the Licensee or their guests and invitees or anyone the Licensee brings into the premises.

  1. Usage of Space • Priority will always be given to programmes and activities that are related to design and fashion. • Gambling, drug taking, smoking and/or other illegal activities are strictly prohibited in TCS.

• All users shall not indulge in any activities / programmes or related to religion or politics at TCS.

• The Management of TCS has the right to stop the users from using the space immediately should the programmes stated in the form defers from the actual activity.

  1. Dress Code • Users and their guests, participants, agents etc shall be properly attired when visiting and using TCS facilities. The accepted attire is smart casual.

  2. Confidential Information • TCS will not be responsible for any loss of the users or their guests’ belongings including confidential material.

  3. Reservation of Rights • Management reserves to right to ask any users and/or their guest(s) to leave TCS if their unruly behaviour or conduct. He or she may be asked to leave TCS.